In the end

Firstly, i have to say that this final 5 weeks is the hardest time i ever had, the final essay and IRP work have brought a large pressure to me, which made me had no sleep for many days. This is not only an examination of my writing skills, but also a big challenge for my work efficiency. Although these works have been done, i find many problems during the process.

The first and biggest problem is my writing skill, during the last 15 weeks, i have improved partial writing skills by so many practises and test. However, when i faced to the IRP work, i still felt very hard to deal with such 2000 words, it not like the normal mode of essay. At the beginning of the work, i made a specific outline to help writing, but as the research developed, i found some new idea which is opposite to the outline, so it took me a long time to correct the idea during the process of writing. In addition, i found the hardest challenge was the structure, specially the large work. in my opinion, if the stucture and idea is clear, whether how big the work is, it will become easy. However, in this work, i did not have a good structure when i wrote, it directly made that some ideas were nor clear, and some evidence lack support. After the draft feedback, i correct some area of my structure, but it still has adverse effect on my research process, and it also waste much time.

In the last 2 weeks, i need to prepare the final exam essay, during this process, i will find some topic related to the essay topic i have done before, and try to make a specific outline everyday, it will be helpful for improve the efficiency of writing and make the writing more logical and flow, furthermore, if will save time for answer the question during the essay test.

Finally, i want to summarise these 20 weeks of PEP course, i have studied a lot from this course, the biggest improvement is on the english skill, such as writing, speaking, listening and reading. I have paid all my energy on it, and i also studied a lot from other students, both from the studying and life. This is a good beginning of my studying in Australia, and also the most unforgettable memory in my life.


In this 5 weeks

After several heavy works, This 5 weeks are going to be end, although i do not know the result of them now, i can say i have tried my best on them, also, in my opinion, the most important thing is the process of improving meself from these works.

To review my last problem on learning, although i was very busy on doing lots of homework in this period, i did the practice as much as possible, and the good thing is that  i found benefits clearly from it. In the daily practice and the listening test, i could grab the key point and follow the tape better, i think this should profit from the formal and general practice.

However, there is a problem appeared after i talked with teacher, which is very significant in my study and it directly influence my mark. this problem is that sometimes my performance is not initiative, even sometimes did not really participate in the class or group work, it was easily to give others a negative impression. and unfortunately, it is not a new problem, therefore,  if i do not control and correct that, it will have a very negative influence on my final 5 weeks.

To analyse this problem, i think the most direct reason is that i often did not have a good rest in many nights, it lead to that i would be very tired in the second day. In this period time, many writing works trouble me a lot such as the essay, group work, and several writing homeworks. i think my writing skill is not good, so when i did them, my time plan was lost of control, i always thought about what i should write in very long time, sometimes about 20-30 minutes, then started to write, it very inefficient  and always can not make a good result.

To solve this problem is very urgent, first of all, i should be more positive both in the class and the group discussion, secondly, i think i need to improve my time schedule, in past period time, i always had only 5 or less hours time for sleeping every night, and  it had been become a habit that i often felt tired in the day but had a very clear mind during the night, i will try to finish all the works at daytime and strive more time for sleeping. In particular, about the writing problem which took me the most time, firstly, i think it is not enough to say:”i will do more practice, i will read more.” Moreover, i will change my style of writing. To be specific, i will make a detailed plan before i start my writing, after that, follow the plan to finish a draft in short time, it could be not very academic, but must have a clear and right position. At the second time, i can focus on how to make the expression more academic. After that, at the third time i correct the draft, which is a very important step, i will find others’ help to check my draft, i think that will be better than just thinking by myself.

All in all, i think this writing style will be more efficient, and also very helpful for improving my academic writing. In a word, the final 5 weeks will be very busy, so i have to find more efficient ways to finish the work in order to have a better rest, and then i can be more positive in second day’s learning.

In these 2 weeks, the pressure of homework is smaller, i can do some research for the IRP and make a plan of essay without very urgently, however, i think this is the best opportunity to examine myself in this period of time, so i put most time on independent learning for improving and developing myself.

Firstly, the good thing is that i found i can make a more resonable daily plan and follow it well, and i also change the method of my reading, i used to check all of the words which i did not know before,  now i do not put my attention on the whole text but just focus on the key points then take notes, this method makes my reading more effectively, and with the more practices i did, my skill of taking notes has been improved a lot.

However, there are some new problems appeared, the first one is about my listening skill, in recent days i did a lot of practice of answering the listening questions,  and i found my ability on this aspect has been falling behind obviously. For example, when i listened to the tape, firstly, i was happy to found that i can follow the speed of speaking much better than before, i think this profit from the english environment and evryday classtime, however, although i could follow the speed of the tape and could get most imformation clearly, i could not grab the key point which is the most essential for the answer. This means that i lost my focus which should be on the answers in time.

To analyse this problem, i think the mose possible reason is that i have changed my thinking way on listening. Both in my daily life and classtime, i was used to listen to others’ words and try to understand what do they mean,particularly, i often focus some words i have understood already which from others’, then try to guess the meaning of whole sentence, whether surface or deep understanding. However, this method is not useful for listening test, even is ineffective. In the listening test, when we need to answer the question, the first thing is that we should focus on the requirement of the question, and then listen very carefully to grab the answer when it was appearing.

To focus on this problem, generally, i think i need to do more practice on listening, especially the listening test, in recent days, i put to much time on improving my writing skill. To be specific, i will spend 1 or 2 hour on listening everyday, i will divide this time into 2 parts. At first, i will do a listening test for practicing, in the end of that, find out the new vocabulary of the answer to memorise it, and i will also find out the part which i do not follow well, listen to the tape again, if i still can not grab that, look the listening text and read it follow the tape.

After that, i will do some general listening practice, such as the BBC radio, at first time listen to it , and then look at the listening text and read it with listening to the tape.

From the above, i think this will be a effective approach to improve my learning skill, and i will follow my plan to to find its defect and improve it.

A transition

This past 5 weeks means a very hard transitoin to me, at first, i got a huge booklet which needed to read and pick up useful imformation to finish my essay, which as a big challenge for me.

in this process, i found three big problems in writing, the first one is that although i read all of the booklet  and selected enough information which was useful and suitable in my opinion, i misunderstood the requirement of the essay, so the reason is that i need to rewrite all the article.

The second problem which also was the main problem of the essay i wrote second time. i tried to find many points to satisty the requirement of this essay, but it was just my opinions and i did not find more academic evidences to support them.

The third problem of my writing is structure, when i wrote the essay i often found the structure of  my sentence was too simple and monotonous, even sometimes i agonize what i have written and what i would write, and the bad thing is, in that time i could only find some good example sentence but from ielts form, which was obvious prohibitted in essay writing.

Fortunately,  when i write the third time of the essay, with the feedback from teacher, i found some way to solve my problems. At first, i realized that it is not good to include too much viewpoints in essay, more points means i need to find more evidence to prove them, i think it is doesn’t matter how many viewpoints i use, the most important thing is that i give a clear demonstration and evidence, even i only discuss one issue.

secondly, when i did research for my essay and group project, i have found many academic words and structure from other academic articles, i realize that it is not enough to read the newspaper to find some useful things to use, but the most attention should be put on more academic fields, such as the paper, so during the next 10 weeks, i will start from IRP, and i will finish everything early to save more time to improve myself.

problem of essay

In the past few weeks, I have improved a lot about my study schedle, evrything on the list has been done on time and that made my life more step bystep. However, a new problem has been shown, my writing skill is pretty weak when I doing my essay. Generally, there are three parts in the problem which are grammar, vocabulary and structure.

Firstly, sometimes I do not know how to write a sentence in right way. When I use the software “Word”, it is so easy to find many green lines under my sentences, however, the bad thing is I did not know to correct them.

Secondly, I can only use few vocabulary in my essay. When I writing, I always have to use translater to hlep me express my ideas, but many of these words which I translated are not suited in the particular sentence.

last one, the structure of essay is not handled well by me. In my summary, teacher often tell me the structure is not clear. I think that because the language thinking way is different between languages.

In this case, for all of those three parts I mentioned above, I decide to read some academic articles in my independent learning time,  this is the fastest way to change my writing skill here. because the most time in both of the PEP course and master course is independent learning, i think in the next period  i should pay more attention on the independent learning in the leisure.

A New Beginning

In the past 5 weeks of pep course, i have done lots of homeworks, most of the time i paid on the group work, although it made me very tired, i think it was totally worth, i gained a lot from that.

first of all, i improved my speaking skill during i talked with my partner, now i do not feel any nervous when i talk with others in english, but i also found some problem in this process. The first one is that i found how important the time management was but i did not do and follow it carefully, my time schedule was too simple and briefly, besides, there were often somethings unexpected happened that i could not follow my timetable, and i also found i lost lots of time on independent learning, which made me feel that although i finished my homework, but not improved anymore, because i have no time to organize the process and the things which i studied from the work.

In the beginning of this 5 weeks i read many others’ timetable carefully, i think this is the fastest way to improve and fill the blank of my experience, although this is an old problem, i think it is still the biggest problem to me, i also asked many people for how to control and follow their time schedule, all of us are students, so their experiences are very helpful for me.

However, that will be a big challenge wait for me–the essay,  i will do some prepare work for this, so that i can follow my time schedule to get more independent learning time, my purpose of  finishing homework can not just for finishing, i have to get more experience and  methods from that, and all of this depend on how much the independent learning time remain, i will follow my plan to do everything in next week.

  As the topic said, this part of my life is called “No sleep”. Before i write down this blog, i have not sleeped for about 48 hours, during this time i had finished 2 lessons,1 poster, 1 assessment, some lecture homework and this blog..

  In recent days, with the large works, i got more oppotunities to communicate with others, although it made me very tired, i think that was worth, i studied a lot of things from it, including the methods of designing a poster, finishing the oral presentation without powerpoint, and also the word2007 using skills… Besides, i also had some problem in that process. I found that my vocabulary was still very limited when i was doing the poster, i had to find the information from the others then change it to my own words, it really took most of my time. but this was the old problem, the new one is about my writing skills.

  May be i had not do any writing exercise for a long time, so when i was doing these homework which need formal writing most, i felt so hard to organise the structure of the sentence, icluding the word form, suitable words and how to write a long sentence. i often sat in front of the computer and considered so much time but couldn’t write down any words.

  I think the main reason should be that i used too many template to writing just for test before, but now i have to give up it and use my own words and own opinion to finish everything, i will do some writing exercise to improve my skills of this aspect, as proficient as i can.

  By the way,thank you Dave for delaying the due date of self evaluation… you save my life… i can sleep for some hours…